Silvarosa vino rosato


Grape-variety: 100% Nebbiolo

Vineyard: Autochthonous

Soil: Compact, mainly clay and limestone

Position: Facing south, south-west, west

Altitude: Between 240 and 270 m

Vine-training: Arched-cane Guyot

Vinification: The grapes were crushed and de-stemmed in the winery, and the must was left to macerate on the skins for 24-48 hours. Fermentation was then completed off the skins

Maturation: After drawing off and partial clarification, the wine was matured for 2 months in steel

Ageing: Prior to its release, the wine was aged after bottling for at least 2 months in bottles lying down in the dark and peace & quiet of the cellar

Tasting notesAn elegant pink colour leads into a nice, fruity nose clearly showing hints of withered roses. The taste is  luscious and dry, with a long finish

Food pairings: A wine with a great personality which goes well with fish, vegetable and meat starters, first courses, and sautéed and barbecued white and red meats. Excellent as an aperitif, and for serving with simple snacks at any time of day

Storage: Best kept at a constant temperature in the dark and silence of an underground cellar